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Dating A Filipina Girl

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The Philippines is an island country in South-Esat Asia that borders the Pacific Ocean. Not only this state is famous as a paradise to spend a vacation but also a country with the hottest and most alluring ladies to date. Today, we’ll explain to you how to date Filipina women and what makes them so desirable.


The Philippines’ dating culture is not that hard to get. Of course, for a man who lived his entire life in a Western country, it would take some time to get used to the new rules; we’re here to facilitate this process.

Filipina Women Dating Culture

Before you open the Philippines dating customs, it would be a benefit if you learn more about the Philippines. In general, the dating culture is defined by the religious beliefs of the country’s citizens. The Philippines is a faithful society of Christians that attend church every Sunday. The dating Filipina women culture is quite conservative, with high regard for family values.

Respect is a fundamental aspect of all Filipinos. When dating Filipina girls, you need to learn to respect her family as well. Parental approval is one of the most important things that make up good and long-lasting relationships.

In the Philippines society, where divorce is frowned upon, ladies treat marriage responsibly. For them, divorce is not a panacea for all family problems. Philipino chicks always try to avoid separation. These women are too preoccupied with the opinions of their neighbors and relatives and will prevent the spread of useless gossip at all costs.

In the Philippines, it’s a man who takes the lead in relationships and family. Filipina women take the first moves while a woman usually just waits for the perfect timing until a man asks them out.

Nowadays, influenced by Western culture, the dating process in the Philippines is starting to evolve. This is now a mixture of the traditional and modern Filipino dating culture. In rural areas of the country, the Filipinos still follow the traditional dating etiquette called Panliligaw.

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Beautiful Filipinas Enjoy Dating Foreigners

Before dating Filipines women, you surely need to know if they’re actually open to dating someone of another culture and mentality. Good news for all Filipina love seekers! These brides are absolutely into dating foreign men. Even more, they’re fluent in English. Hence, the language barrier is not a thing that can separate you.

Despite the commonly accepted belief, Filipina women date foreigners not to escape poverty or get access to better living conditions. These women opt for bright impressions and opportunities rather than money. Unfortunately for them and luckily for foreign men, local males can’t provide Filipina ladies with any of these.

Perks Of Dating A Filipina Bride

Filipina Girls Are An Epitome Of Beauty

Dating a Filipina woman is like dating a beauty queen. Yes, the typical-Filipina differs a lot from the Western standards of beauty, making a Filipina wife a dream for all admirers of exotic charm. Filipina women are the true proud of the country. No weird why more and more tourists are attracted to the Philippines every year. Keep reading to find out more Filipina dating tips and learn what do Filipina girls like.

So what is the secret that makes these women so adorable? The answer is simple. Filipina women indulge in self-care and manage their bodies flawlessly. Filipina girls seem to have won the precious gift from nature. Filipina women don’t age quickly and look elegant at any age. Flawless, smooth skin and tiny complexions make these brides look like porcelain dolls. This is not a bluff; the Filipinas are even considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

In fact, they’re hooked on the beauty and obsessed with beauty competitions. Every village has its own beauty queen. The competitors are the most beautiful and talented ladies who can easily reject a white man, thinking he’s not worth her heart.

A Mix Of Undeniable Beauty And Reliable Personalities

Not only are these brides beautiful outside but also inside. Their personalities mix all that a man can dream of seeing in his future wife. You’ll never regret marrying one of these alluring brides.


A concept of ideal relationships with a Filipina woman lies in letting her be a fragile and feminine lady. Filipina women prefer strong men who will take responsibility for the family and will let her become a skillful homemaker. Inborn tenderness and submissiveness are the main reasons to date a Filipina woman.


When asked what do Filipina like, modesty is the first that comes to your mind. Filipina women are not spoiled, have a sense of dignity, and win men with a humble demeanor. What is more, they possess the ability to behave with money wisely. Filipino brides are not among those who dream of a wealthy husband; they will help any man grow financially.

Family-Oriented Mindset

Filipina women are nurturers. These women are family-centered, and care of the family is in the blood of a Filipino lady. These women value solid family ties above everything else and are willing to make sacrifices. In a modern world, you’ll hardly meet a woman like that so if you do so, make her yours!

No Drama

Picking fights and slamming doors is not a story of your relationships with a Filipino woman. Even though conflicts are inevitable in relationships, for all Filipinos, it’s important to maintain a warm atmosphere, live peacefully, accept others’ downsides, and radiate positive vibes.

Filipina rides are Super Kind and Friendly

These features are extremely rare in modern society. Filipina ladies are a precious gift that fate will give you. She will happily take care of your friends and family in case you decide to give you a visit and even wouldn’t mind if they stay overnight. Hospitality and kind attitude to people what their mothers taught them in childhood.

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Secrets Of Filipina Women Dating

Filipina women dating is a dream for Western men who dream of finding an obedient and feminine bride. Just reminding you that when dating a woman of another culture, you need to learn some cultural peculiarities and learn to overcome them fast. So how to date a Filipina woman and what to expect from these exotic beauties? Keep reading to learn what dating a Filipina be like.

They Are Fluent In English

In the Philippines, the English language can be heard from everywhere. Most of the girls find it easy to converse in English. According to a study from K International, the Philippines is in rank #4 for the countries around the world with the greatest number of English speakers. A good way to save money for a gift instead of taking an interpreter with you.

Be Prepared To Hear No

When you date a Filipina, you need to know they’re of the “hard to get type”. All in all, great things never come easy. Don’t give up after the first refusal and try harder one more time. Put a bit more effort because when you finally get her love and devotion, you will not regret a single minute spent on winning her heart.

Sex On The First Date? Sorry, Next Time

The grown-up in a conservative society, Filipina girls, prefer not to engage in sexual activity before marriage. Even in 2023, you’ll still meet lots of Filipinos who support the idea of a woman’s “purity”. Public display of affection is also not common when dating a Filipina girl. Don’t expect to touch and kiss her on the first Filipina date, and don’t insist on intimacy.

A Good Joke Is Always Appropriate

Being able to make a girl laugh is always one of the most attractive features a guy could possess. For a Filipino woman, a sense of humor would probably be the main thing they look for in a guy. Just feel comfortable with yourself and feel free to share some funny thoughts. Just avoid jokes about her religion and family.

Be Aware Of Tampo

Tampo is an interesting detail peculiar to all of the Philippines. This is when people do not talk to the person who once offended them. Filipino girlfriends would give you the silent treatment instead of pouring out all their anger. However, if you encounter Tampo, let your Filipino partner cool down, then have a peaceful conversation with her and make her sure you still love her more than anything in the world.

How To Get A Filipina Woman?

The Philippines is one of the most successful countries when it comes to online dating. Local brides eagerly get registered on various matrimonial services in search of a foreign groom. Frankly speaking, we would definitely recommend you talk to a potential girlfriend online before meeting her in person. Dating online will give you the amplified image of what Filipinas like, and their interests overlap with yours. We suggest the following legit websites that are focused on pairing Filipino chicks with a foreign fiance.

  • AsianDate.com
  • FilipinoCupid.com
  • AsiaMe.com
  • InternationalCupid.com

To Summarize

Dating a Filipina woman is a fantasy of all grooms who search for a modest and tender girlfriend who knows how to behave and has a stunning look. Becoming mail order brides, these women have won the hearts and minds of Western men with their innocence and kindness. A wife from the Philippines will not date you for your money, putting personality traits over financial status. Due to cultural disagreements, of course, it would be beneficial if one learns about the Philippines and the local customs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Find Filipina Girl?

Filipina brides enjoy dating foreigners, so the easiest way to meet one of these beauties is through online dating. Just create an account on one of the Filipina brides dating sites, browse profiles of singles, and start chatting. AsianDate.com, FilipinoCupid.com, AsiaMe.com, and InternationalCupid.com are among the best Filipina brides dating sites, so we recommend using them.

How To Attract A Filipina Woman?

If you have already found a Filipina bride of your dreams and want to take your relationship to the next level, first of all, you need to learn about her culture. Understanding her view of life would significantly help you win her heart. Also, be attentive to your Filipina bride and get along with her family, as they significantly rely on what their parents and friends think of their men.

Are Filipina Girls Easy?

Filipina brides definitely can’t be called easy as they came from quite a strict culture with traditional values. So these brides are definitely hard to get, and you need to put some effort into winning their hearts. Though they won’t agree to get intimate on the first date and would keep distance, after the marriage, they reveal all their secrets.

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