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Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Updated on Apr 2023
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If you’ve never been to Vietnam or heard of the country’s famous women, you are in for a treat. Yes, there is a clear abundance of hot Vietnamese women both online and out on the streets, but what exactly makes Vietnamese women special?


First and foremost, we think that women in Vietnam are the perfect combination of majestic Asian charm and seductive Western physique. Looking at a Vietnamese lady is akin to observing a work of art. This is a mix of the best features from two cultures that evokes unprecedented primal excitement.

Next, there are the perks of the Vietnamese culture: a lavish mix of traditions and customs that are layered on top of the colorful worldview. No doubt, anyone’s appearance will somehow reflect their way of thinking and how they lead their life. Because of that, Vietnamese women happily reap the benefits of the cultural richness – their mind influences their body.

Truong Thi Dieu Ngoc

Hottest Vietnamese Women

Truong Thi Dieu Ngoc is a spectacular model who is one of Vietnam’s finest women. This is not just an informal title, however. In 2015, Truong swept the competition named Miss Vietnam using her angel-like beauty and sex appeal, leaving other Vietnamese women no chance at representing their country at the next year’s Miss Universe.

Truong has been a part of many Vietnamese reality shows and TV competitions. One example would be ‘Flowers of Ao Dai’, which brought Truong’s name to almost every household. The fame and popularity of Truong are definitely deserved: you can find a plethora of sexy Vietnamese women, but no lady can match the allure of Truong Thi Dieu Ngoc.

Ngoc Trinh

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Speaking of gorgeous women, Ngoc Trinh is someone who managed to combine intriguing personalities. She has phenomenal natural beauty, which granted her worldwide recognition. Ngoc Trinh is an esteemed model and a blogger who writes about fashion. She is an inspiring and empowering women to become the best versions of themselves.

The spicy nature of this Vietnamese lady is admirable. At the Cannes Film Festival, she made a bold move by wearing an impressively revealing dress. One that both brought controversy to Ngoc’s image and put her very high in the list of hottest Vietnamese women of all time.

  • 9.9

Mai Phuong Thuy

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Mai Phuong Thuy is a multi-talented personality that makes Vietnamese women sincerely proud whenever her image is associated with them. She combines the charm of a beauty queen, empathy of an actress, and the energy of an activist.

In Vietnam, hottest girls are not usually well-versed in both the ropes of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. The social issues affect real people, but Mai is an exception. From starring in meaningful films like ‘Negative’ and participating in Miss World 2006 to becoming the face of an Asian-wide fight for human health. Mai is one of the most impactful Vietnamese celebrities who also happens to be stunningly beautiful.

  • 9.7

Luu Thi Diem

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Luu Thi Diem is a gifted model and an entrepreneur. Most women have to compete for the first place in Miss World Vietnam to prove their worth and represent the country at the global competition. Luu Thi Diem, however, was so unprecedentedly attractive that she was allowed to go straight to Miss Earth 2010.

On top of her beauty, this hot Vietnamese woman is a proud owner of a bakery, which is both admirable and adorable.

  • 9.9

Pham Huong

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Pham Huong is a notable Vietnamese model, an exciting beauty icon, and an in-demand fashion-focused designer. Her achievements include representing the country at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant and successful participation in a myriad of recognized TV contests that brought Pham the broad popularity.

Pham Huong is restless and endlessly beautiful, leaving other women no chance to keep up. This Vietnamese lady has conquered our hearts, and she definitely fits the bill for the best looking Vietnamese woman.

  • 9.9

Chi Pu

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Chi Pu is a beautiful and cheerful Vietnamese singer and a prominent actress. She is one that became an idol to Vietnamese teens because of her success in the entertainment business. She also earned respect from Vietnamese women due to social endeavors that she pursues, having a goal of making Vietnam a better country to live in.

Out of all the sexy Vietnamese women, Chi Pu has one of the largest social media followings. Audiences love pretty girls, but achieving such a high degree of popularity is impossible without an engaging and unique personality, which is what distinguishes Chi Pu from other women online.

Ly Nha Ky

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Fluent in five languages, Ly Nha Ky is a shining gem that is both intelligent and astonishingly pretty. She is an actress and a model, which is complemented by the status of a businesswoman, earned with persistence and firm spirit.

She had a role in more than 20 Vietnamese films and won the hearts of a huge array of Vietnamese viewers, which was of great help in her social-centric endeavors. Supporting the economic initiatives in Vietnam, Ly Nha Ky is both one of the hottest Vietnamese girls but also a strong lady and a mentor to other Vietnamese women.

Hoang Thuy Linh

Hoang Thuy Linh didn’t spend her best teenage years preparing for high school exams. Instead, she pursued the dream and became a singer, joining a V-pop (Vietnamese-pop) girl band under the name of ‘Thien Than’, which kickstarted Hoang’s career in entertainment and brought numerous opportunities in both music and film industries.

Since then, Hoang Thuy Linh has earned the level of a teen idol and served as a role model for young Vietnamese women. She released a plethora of albums and appeared on numerous television shows. Upon seeing the mesmerizing beauty of Hoang Thuy Linh, the question “Are Vietnamese women sexy?” becomes utterly irrelevant.

Kathy Uyen

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Kathy Uyen boasts an incredible intelligence alongside the passion for the art of film and her astounding beauty. Moreover, she is a social activist and a supporter of gender equality, which is an immense encouragement for all Vietnamese women.

After studying the subjects of film and economics at the acclaimed UC Irvine, Kathy went on to pursue a career in film. She did not choose the easy path, however, deciding to take on multiple professions instead. She is an actor, writer, and producer (for many films – all at once).

That, however, gave Kathy the liberty of self-expression and the level of control over the projects she is involved with, which many women can only dream of. One of the most notable films that she wrote, produced, and acted in is the movie called ‘How to Fight in Six Inch Heels’.

Dong Nhi

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Dong Nhi is a driven Vietnamese lady who never gives up. She faced multiple failures and rejections when trying to take the traditional route to become a singer, which is why she eventually took a bold step and released her single ‘Khoc’ by herself. And Vietnamese teenage audiences loved it.

Ever since then, she has been producing records while supporting the Vietnamese music industry. She participated in ‘The Voice’ franchise as a coach for aspiring singers, as well as co-managed a production company. On top of that, Dong’s fascinating appeal has led to a few prominent roles in Vietnamese films, making it clear to everyone in the country that she deserves the title of the sexiest Vietnamese women.

Toc Tien

Toc Tien discovered her vocal abilities at a very early age (just like many top-tier singers), and, with the help of successful competition appearances, managed to take the Vietnamese entertainment industry by storm. She is an icon when it comes to fashion, all while being confident and persistent with her craft. That impressive combination is definitely one of the highest standards for any women to reach.

These days, Toc Tien is well-known among both women and men as a gorgeous Vietnamese lady with an abundance of talents. Those range from music recording to acting. Toc Tien is one of the women who captivate the audience’s hearts, be it on stage or on screen.

Is she the hottest Vietnamese girl? Well, she is definitely one of the obvious favorites for that title out of all other women, at least for us.

Phan Thi My Tam

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Usually, talent is easily spotted early on. Toc Tien has definitely been lucky to have a nurturing environment where she was encouraged to explore her abilities, which led to an early ballet experience and subsequent rise to national popularity. She is now a successful pop-singer who uses her celebrity status to empower social change.

Phan Thi My Tam partakes in a common practice of using a pseudonym to spice up her image. In this case, Phan is known as My Tam. Acknowledged by renowned festivals around the world and a proud founder of ‘MT Foundation’, Phan Thi My Tam inspires Vietnamese women to accelerate a better future while being a fantastic beauty queen for the masses.

Ho Ngoc Ha

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Ho Ngoc Ha entered the Vietnamese music scene with a bang. Upon releasing her first-ever album ‘24/7’, she quickly rose to an international level of fame and was able to compete in one of the major singing contests in Asia called the ‘Asia Song Festival’.

A fan-favorite, this celebrity is not only the golden standard for beautiful Vietnamese ladies. She is also a proficient actress who starred in numerous Vietnamese films and television dramas. On top of that, the charm of Ho Ngoc Ha was not left unnoticed by famous brands like Toshiba, Sunsilk, and others that she was the face of.

Ha Ahn Vu

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Ha, Ahn Vu is a Vietnamese modeling icon whose name has spread through every household. She managed to stand out from the endless ocean of talented women by using a combination of heavenly beauty, exciting charisma, and unique personality to earn the status of a legendary supermodel.

Ha Ahn Vu is not just a Vietnamese hot woman. She is a completely different being, or so it seems to us when we dare to glance at her impeccable appearance. No wonder she was responsible for guiding the process of picking the next generation of young women who would later become prominent faces of the Vietnamese modeling industry.

Nguyen Thuy Lam

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Brides

Pretty women are plenty, but the dream-like appearance is a rare gem. We were lucky to find Nguyen Thuy Lam, a Vietnamese singer and an actress who makes men forget everything and just admire her magnetic beauty. None of the ordinary women can match her attraction, or so it seems from the reaction of fans online.

The natural Vietnamese sex appeal of Nguyen Thuy Lam was presented to the beauty fans at the Miss Universe competition of 2008, which made the army of Nguyen’s followers even larger. To say that she is a prime example of a beautiful Vietnamese woman is to say nothing.

Michelle Phan

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese women

Taking a break from traditional celebrities, let’s explore the fabulous women of the internet. Michelle Phan is one of the finest beings online. An American with Vietnamese descent, she makes successful makeup videos on YouTube, with over 8 million subscribers adoring her style and talent.

Other endeavors of Michelle involve voice acting and entrepreneurship, which is quite far from the standard path to success. Although not from Vietnam per se, this lady perfectly combines all the features of Vietnamese beauty that make women of Vietnam so alluring and desirable.

Kim Lee

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Have you ever heard of Kim Kardashian? No doubt, you have. Prepare to meet what we would call a Vietnamese-flavored Kim Kardashian in the form of Kim Lee, who is a wonderful American actress with Vietnamese origins.

Kim Lee has been featured on the covers of first-class magazines, including ‘Vanity Fair’, ‘Elle’, and the men-favorite ‘Maxim’. You can find her (and you will notice her) among the beautiful women in some of the most famous American music videos. The artists’ names include the only Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and many others. We think it is fair to say that Kim Lee definitely one of the most relevant Vietnamese glamour models.

Angie Vu Ha

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Angie Vu Ha is an interesting entry in our list of gorgeous women because Angie, unlike everyone else, is a particularly good DJ. Turns out, outstanding beauty goes hand in hand with the progress and future. Women of the new world are just as dainty as the standard celebrities, and Angie Vu is certainly a great candidate to manifest that idea.

Angie Vu Ha is often referred to as one of the sexiest women DJs in Vietnam. She creates melodic music and works within the genres of House and Techno. On top of that, this modern Vietnamese lady keeps the connection to the traditional world of fame with the profession of an actress. Although likely not in it for the popularity, the mesmerizing beauty of Angie has been imprinted in the minds of moviegoers all over the country.

Jennifer Pham

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Meet Jennifer Pham and American-Vietnamese model who is as charming as popular. Possessing outstanding natural features and an impressive physique, Jennifer Pham has been inspiring young women to pursue a modeling career because of how effortless she seems to be rising to the top of the celebrity charts.

Upon winning numerous beauty competitions, she has been offered an abundance of opportunities to represent famous brands. They say that women can only dream of charm like Jennifer’s – one that lightens up the soul in seconds. She inspires men to pursue life-changing love.

Truong Tri Truc Diem

Top 20 Hottest Vietnamese Women

Last but definitely not least, meet Truong Tri Truc Diem, who might be the epitome of the fascinating Vietnamese female potential. Not only is she one of the rare women who are considered a modeling icon and a national superstar in Vietnam. But she is also an activist and a strong fighter for the betterment of human life in the world.

The numerous accomplishments of Truong Tri Truc Diem include the flawless victory at the Miss Earth competition and the honorable title of goodwill ambassador of UNESCO, which is something only a few women of any country can top. Out of all the Vietnamese hot chicks that we’ve covered, she is by far the most accomplished candidate. Her beauty is straight from paradise!


Unprecedented Vietnamese Charm

We have done our part: we introduced you to an amazing selection of marvelous Vietnamese women who perfectly embody the desires of every man while always adding a special, exotic cherry on top in the form of Vietnamese genetic intrigue. Now, it’s your turn.

If you are looking for astonishing singles to date (and even marry), Vietnamese women are absolutely worth a try. They will make all your past relationships seem like a rehearsal before the real show – with a real lady. Most importantly, your perfect girl can be found everywhere, online or out in the wild, because Vietnamese women are universally gorgeous.

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